Pathfinders: Visit Kent

We asked all of our pathfinders why they decided to be part of the project and what their aims are. Here is the response from Visit Kent:

Why did you decide to become a member of the Culture Kent Project (CKP) pathfinder group?

Our membership of the CKP group and involvement in the project has evolved from an on-going discussion on marketing, audience development and data sharing that has been in progress for several years within Kent’s cultural sector. We were keen to be involved due to the gap that exists in the sector for a main point of information on Kent’s cultural events and happenings, that can automatically and dynamically draw on existing data without duplicating or adding effort for cultural providers.

What do you hope that the CKP will achieve?

We hope the partnership will showcase Kent’s cultural assets and create a single data source that can be used as the basis for a variety of digital platforms. This should not only showcase Kent’s cultural assets to the broadest audience possible but promote the county as a cultural destination for residents and local, national and international visitors. It should show visitors what is on offer and encourage them to stay for longer. We also hope it will ensure people are aware of what’s going on in every part of the county, wherever they are; extending the reach of Kent’s cultural offering by attracting new audiences as well as first time and accidental attenders.

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