Pathfinders: Kent County Council

We are committed to being a Pathfinder because we understand that the project will deliver outcomes that will meet an identified business need of the arts and cultural sector in Kent to deliver greater opportunities for economic impact by:

  • Reaching new visitors and audiences
  • Encouraging existing visitors and audiences to attend additional activity
  • Encouraging understanding and knowledge between culture and tourism sectors that will inform the development of approaches and product

We are pleased that the pilot is focusing on an information and data infrastructure which has the potential to facilitate the pooling of information and knowledge and enable its free flow between the culture and tourism sectors and audiences.

As well as the value of the project in developing a common approach to listings, data and information sharing we hope to work with partners to develop the project to have a particular emphasis on free access to data to encourage widest possible use and the subsequent exploration of a range of digital media to enable a variety of users to engage.

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