Introduction to PR

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On 8 July 2016, Sinead Hanna of Visit Kent delivered a comprehensive over view of the fundamentals of PR; including dealing with the media, identifying appropriate PR tactics, developing a strategic PR campaign from scratch, writing press releases and evaluating success.

Sinead gave helpful ‘insider’ tips on how to deal with the tourism/travel press, in particular she spoke about potentially off putting buzz words including ‘unique’ and ‘ground breaking’.  Sinead also talked about how the press prefer to be communicated with and how to construct an eye catching press release (her top tip – when writing your press release leave creating the title to the end!)

With more than 12 years experience in PR, communications, marketing, and journalism with public and private sector partners. Sinead gave us a better understanding of the relationship between PR and marketing, including; how to create a PR plan – either for a project or for a longer campaign, understanding how traditional and social media work, developing a range of impactful PR tactics, the ability to identify opportunities to place stories in the media, an understanding of how to deal with incoming media enquiries as well as how to manage ongoing issues and how to write those important press releases.

This event provided an excellent networking opportunities for multiple art organisations, and was tailor made towards the difficulties faced by those working in the art world (how to sell impenetrable academic text?)

Training events such as these, are a great way in which arts organisations can look for new methods of cross promotion.

Please follow the link below to view the PowerPoint slides:


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